Results from Competitive Masters Events

Latest results

28/03/2020COSSS Premier Meet, Ponds Forge, Sheffield View results
27/03/2020Scottish National Open Short Course Masters and Senior Age Group Championships, Tollcross, Glasgow View results
27/03/2020Swimathon 2020, John Charles, Leeds View results
29/02/2020Billingham Forum Masters & Seniors Open 2020, Billingham View results
29/02/2020Swim Wales Masters Long Course Championships, Wales National Pool, Swansea View results
22/02/2020Yorkshire Championships (Sprint and Relays), Ponds Forge, Sheffield View results
08/02/2020Yorkshire Championships, John Charles, Leeds View results
01/02/2020Swim England North West Masters Championships, Blackpool View results
01/02/2020Yorkshire Championships, John Charles, Leeds View results
25/01/2020Burns Open Meet, Ponds Forge, Sheffield View results
18/01/2020South East Long Course Masters, K2, Crawley View results
05/08/201918th FINA World Masters Championships 2019, Gwangju, South Korea View results
18/11/2018South Yorkshire Open Masters 2018, Sheffield View results
26/10/2018Swim England Masters National Championships (25m) 2018, Sheffield View results
13/10/2018Hull Masters 2nd Open Meet 2018 , Hull View results
23/09/2018Swim England North East Region Open Masters & Senior Age Group Championships, Harrogate View results
16/09/2018Lancashire County Masters Championships 2018, Blackpool View results
03/09/2018LEN European Masters Swimming Championships 2018, Kranj, Slovenia View results
01/07/2018Northumberland & Durham Masters County Competition, South Shields View results
12/05/2018Yorkshire Swimming Association Open Masters and Senior Age Group Championships, Leeds View results
25/03/2018Billingham ASC Masters, Billingham View results
03/12/2017Hull Masters “City of Culture” Open Meet 2017, Hull View results
25/11/2017Etwall Eagles Master Open Meet 2017, Alfreton View results
19/11/2017South Yorkshire Open Masters 2017, Sheffield View results
27/10/2017ASA National Masters Championships (25M) 2017, Sheffield View results
24/09/2017ASA North East Region Open Masters & Senior Age Group Championships, Harrogate View results
17/09/2017Lancashire County Masters 2017, Blackpool View results
15/09/2017BEST Centre Masters Competition, Majorca View results
09/09/2017GLLAM 2017 – London Aquatic Centre, London View results
03/09/2017Barnet Copthall Masters Sprint Meet, London View results
19/08/2017SASA North District Masters Open Championships 2017, Inverness View results
14/08/2017Fina World Masters Championships 2017, Budapest View results
30/07/2017ASA National Open Water Festival 2017, Sheffield View results
22/07/2017Rushmoor Royals Masters 2017, Aldershot View results
08/07/2017Cheshire County Masters Sprint Championships, Stockport View results
02/07/2017N&D Masters County Competition 2017, South Shields View results
16/06/2017British Swimming Masters Championships 2017, Aberdeen View results
21/05/2017EDSC Masters Meet 2017, Bexleyheath View results
13/05/2017Yorkshire Swimming Association Open Masters and Senior Age Group Championships 2017, Leeds View results
13/05/2017Midland Open Masters & Seniors Championships 2017, Nuneaton View results
13/05/2017Norfolk Masters Long Course Open Competition 2017, Norwich View results
23/04/2017Grantham SC Short Course Masters Meet 2017, Grantham View results
23/04/2017Newmarket 4th Masters, Senior & 16 to 17 Age Group Meet 2017, Newmarket View results
23/04/2017Gloucester Masters Open Meet 2017, Gloucester View results
21/04/2017World Masters Games 2017, Auckland View results
26/03/2017Billingham Forum Masters & Seniors Open Meet 2017, Billingham View results
19/03/2017CABSC 6th Annual Masters Competition 2017, Nottingham View results
18/03/2017Staffordshire Masters & Senior Open Meet 2017, Stafford View results
12/03/201716th Royal Navy Open Masters Meet 2017, Street View results
11/03/2017Southport Swimming Club Masters Gala 2017, Southport View results
04/03/2017Swim Wales Open Masters & Senior Age Groups 2017, Swansea View results
19/02/2017North West Masters Sprint and Distance Meet 2017, Blackpool View results
21/01/2017South East Region Long Course Masters 2017, Crawley View results
11/12/2016South Yorkshire Open Masters 2016, Sheffield View results
26/11/2016Barnet Copthall Masters 1500m 2016, London View results
26/11/2016Etwall Eagles Master Open Meet/Derbyshire Masters County Champs 2016, Alfreton View results
28/10/2016ASA National Masters and Senior Age Group Championships 2016, Sheffield View results
01/10/2016East Swimming Open Masters Championships 2016, Newmarket View results
01/10/2016Midland Open Masters & Seniors Championships 2016, Leamington Spa View results
25/09/2016ASA North East Region Open Masters Championships, Harrogate View results
25/09/2016ASA South West Region Open Competition 2016, Street View results
16/09/2016Dominion Jersey Masters Meet 2016, St Brelade View results
11/09/2016Berks & S. Bucks Masters 2016, Maidenhead View results
09/09/2016LEN European Masters Open Water Swimming Championships 2016, Rijeka, Croatia View results
04/09/2016Lancashire Masters 2016, Blackpool View results
04/09/2016Barnet Copthall Masters Sprint Meet 2016, London View results
20/08/2016SASA North District Masters Open Championships, Inverness View results
23/07/2016Rushmoor Royals Open Long Course Masters Meet 2016, Aldershot View results
23/07/2016ASA National Open Water Masters Championships & 1500m Challenge 2016, Sheffield View results
09/07/2016Cheshire Masters Sprint Meet 2016, Stockport View results
09/07/2016Barnet Copthall Masters Distance Meet 2016, London View results
03/07/2016N&D Masters County Competition 2016, South Shields View results
25/06/2016North West Region Open Water Championships 2016, Salford View results
25/05/2016LEN European Masters Swimming Championships 2016, London View results
15/05/201615th Royal Navy Open Masters - 2016, Street View results
14/05/2016Yorkshire Swimming Association Masters & Senior Age Group Championships 2016, Leeds View results
08/05/2016Gloucester Master SC Open Meet 2016, Gloucester View results
07/05/2016Norfolk Masters Long Course Open Competition 2016, Norwich View results
01/05/2016Erith and District.S.C Masters Meet 2016, Bexleyheath View results
24/04/2016Newmarket 3nd Masters, Senior & 16 to 17 Age Group Meet 2016, Newmarket View results
24/04/2016Grantham SC Open Masters Meet 2016, Grantham View results
22/04/2016Scottish Masters Short Course Championships, Aberdeen View results
15/04/201625th G4s Guernsey International Masters Meet 2016, St Peter Port, Guernsey View results
02/04/2016XXII Mallorca Open Masters, Palma de Mallorca View results
02/04/2016St. Ives Masters and Seniors Sprint Open Meet 2016, St. Ives View results
01/04/2016British Masters and Senior Age Group Championships 2016, Sheffield View results
20/03/20165th CABSC Masters Meet, Nottingham View results
19/03/2016Staffordshire Masters & 15/17, 18/24 Senior Open Meet 2016, Stafford View results
13/03/2016Billingham Forum Masters & Seniors Open, Billingham View results
12/03/2016Southport Swimming Club Masters Gala, Southport View results
05/03/2016Bracknell Masters Open Meet, Bracknell View results
20/02/2016North West Masters Sprint and Distance Meet, Blackpool View results
14/02/2016Dorset County ASA Masters Open Meet, Poole View results
07/02/201621st Masters & Senior Age Group Valentines Open Meet, Sudbury View results
30/01/2016Isle of Wight Marlins Open Masters Meet, Isle of Wight View results
23/01/2016South East Region Long Course Masters, Crawley View results
23/01/2016Caradon SC Masters & Senior Age Group Open Meet, Saltash View results
22/01/2016Carlisle Aquatics Masters Swim Meet, Carlisle View results
28/11/2015Etwall Eagles Masters Meet, Derby View results
22/11/2015South Yorkshire Open Masters 2015, Sheffield View results
14/11/2015ASA Inter County Masters, Leeds View results
23/10/2015ASA National Masters & Senior Age Group Championships, Sheffield View results
27/09/2015ASA North East Region Masters Championships, Harrogate View results
11/07/2015ASA North West Region Masters, Blackpool View results
12/06/2015British Masters and Seniors Age Group Championships, Manchester View results
09/05/2015Yorkshire Open Masters, Leeds View results
24/04/2015Scottish Masters Short Course Championships, Glasgow View results