Results From 2016 British Masters
Ponds Forge swimming pool
7th April 2016

East Leeds Masters confirmed their position as a major force in British masters swimming with a massive haul of medals and records and the runners up spot in the Cupar Trophy for the top club with only the Otter club beating them.

The club relay teams were in excellent form with 9 winners from 9 entries. There were two European/British Records from the Mixed 200+ years 4 x 200 Freestyle and the Mens 120+ years 4 x 100 Freestyle. The Mixed team consisting of Julie Hoyle, Karen Graham, Stuart Hoyle and Kyran Parker. The Mens team had Richard Jagger, Chris Knee, James Warren and Alistair Crawford.

In the individual events Karen Graham was the winner of four events, 100, 200, 400 & 800 Freestyle, with three of them being British Records. The records coming in the 200, 400 & 800. Alistair Crawford was also the winner of four events with two in British Record times. The records coming in the 50 Butterfly and Breaststroke. His other wins were the 50 & 100 Freestyle. Philippa Rickard was the other individual with a new British Record in the 400 Freestyle.

There were British Records for two of the relay teams. Both the Womens 4 x 50 teams setting new times. Nina Williams, Julie Hoyle and Philippa Rickard being in both teams with Lucy Churm making up the Freestyle Team and Lisa Dobson the Medley Team. Special thanks is due to Lucy and Lisa who did not have any individual swims but travelled to Sheffield to make up the relays.

Distances specialist Kirsten Cameron took the 200, 400 and 800 Freestyle titles, Kyran Parker was the winner of the 400 & 800 Freestyle, Nina Williams took the 100 Freestyle title and David Emerson was not over busy with just a Gold in the 50 Butterfly.

The other five relay teams were:
Mens 120+ years 4 x 200 Freestyle: Alistair Crawford, Chris Knee, James Warren & Richard Jagger.
Mens 120+ years 4 x 50 Freestyle: Alistair Crawford, Philip Pratt, James Warren & Richard Jagger.
Mens 160+ years 4 x 50 Freestyle: Chris Knee, Stuart Hoyle, James Barwick & Kyran Parker.
Mixed 120+ years 4 x 50 Freestyle: Chris Knee, Philippa Rickard, Nina Williams & Alistair Crawford.
Mens 120+ years 4 x 50 Medley: Philip Pratt, Alistair Crawford , Richard Jagger & Chris Knee.

2 European/British Records
10 British Records
29 Gold
10 Silver
12 Bronze
And numerous Personal Best Times.

Photos from the meet are available on our gallery page and complete meet results available on the ASA website.

Posted by: David Alexander

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