Meet Report For South Yorkshire Masters 2015
East Leeds at Ponds Forge
28th November 2015

The South Yorkshire Masters meet for many is the last swimming competition of the year in the Master’s calendar. It remains a popular meet with the East Leeds team in the local and ‘fast’ Ponds Forge pool. The meet has a reputation for being well organised, with the events flowing quickly and without hindrance; this year’s was no different. All that enter such meets; have their own individual reasons to compete, but underpinning it is being part of a team, which encompasses the first time competitor to world record holders.

The meet took place on Sunday 22nd November 2015 and East Leeds were very well represented again this year, with a strong presence of twenty-four swimmers, whose blue shirts dominated the poolside. It was great to see so many there, and we welcomed two new additions to the team, namely Lucy Churm and Gary Wright. In addition, Tom Spencer and Richard Fryer made this meet their first (and last) one of the year!

For those seasoned attendees, the meet has historically provided some memorable moments, including ‘Pam does the Crab’, miscounting and finishing early on both the 200m and 400m free and mixing up the order of the IM. In these instances it is less about being a Master and more the Apprentice! This year, we waited for an equivalent memorable incident and apart from two of the timekeepers being twins and in the lanes next to each other, which brought some confusion and merriment amongst at least two of the more juvenile members of the team; thankfully on this occasion, the meet will only recalled for continued overall excellence in performance from the team.

So some of the swimming highlights:

  • 9 East Leeds club records broken!;
  • Jane Dresser yet again demonstrated excellent ‘metronome like’ pacing on the 400m free with a 2 second PB;
  • despite concerns about his ability to count, pace and endure, Chris Knee posted a 22 second PB for the 400m free and was even heard to comment “now I have done that, my respect for long distance swimmers has rocketed, it is so painful!”;
  • Mike Furby swam 7 events and recorded PBs in 3 of these; the 100m, 200m and 400m free;
  • the East Leeds men used the meet to increase their accumulative points in the national team Decathlon in an effort to cement their current top flight position (results to be confirmed at the year end); and
  • all of the relay teams struck gold!

The ever-present David Alexander, who endeavors to maintain some order amongst all, commented, “it was another fantastic performance from a top team, a great way to conclude our year!” With that, it was off for pizza and Peroni; after all we do have our reputation as a drinking club as well as a swimming club to consider!

Full results can be found on our results page.

Posted by: Kyran Parker

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