East Leeds Storm To 2015 Decathlon Success
Masters Decathlon team champions
2nd February 2016

The depth, strength and consistency of East Leeds masters swimming was again demonstrated in the final results for the 2015 Decathlon. The British Swimming Masters Decathlon is a true test of versatility over the course of the swimming season. The men’s team recorded their first top ranking in the competition and the women finished second overall. What a difference a year makes after the men’s team was not even in the top ten and the women were sixth in 2014.

The Decathlon competition is decided from performances over a year; the clever boffins from the ASA take swimmers’ performances from Masters competitions and assign age-adjusted points for each swim. Each swimmer is awarded an overall tally based on their top points scores from 10 of the 18 individual events. The top four performing swimmers (in terms of points) in both the male and female categories are automatically entered into the club teams and therefore throughout the year both individual and team rankings can change, right up to the close of the year! More information on this exciting competition can be found on the British Swimming website.

The individual rankings for this year included three swimmers from East Leeds in the top ten, namely, Julie Hoyle, Philippa Rickard and Paul Clemence. The strong individual performances across the Club provided the solid foundation for overall team success. Both the male and female team competitions were closely fought and in the end it came down to fine margins! In fact, according to our in-house statisticians we can sort of probably maybe officially say that without injuries and pregnancy the women’s team would have topped the rankings along with the men. Full results for all East Leeds swimmers taking part are shown in the tables below:

One unnamed individual did suddenly wake up to the Decathlon in November and had to do six events at the penultimate competition of the year. The author of this report feels it appropriate that the individual in question remains anonymous, however, this strategy is not advisable and it can hurt……trust me!

A fine way to seal the year for the club and its swimmers! So as one year ends, the next one starts and those ASA ‘boffins’ are already counting and ranking individuals performance for 2016! So remember if you are interested in seeing how well you can do, you need to maximise your points by having ten eligible swims.

Well done to one and all! Full results can be found on the British Swimming Decathlon results page.

Posted by: Kyran Parker

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