2015 Inter Counties Meet Report
Team Yorkshire at ASA Masters Inter-Counties
4th December 2015

The 2015 ASA Masters and Seniors National Inter-County Competition took place at various pools across the country on the weekend of 14-15th November 2015. The North East Region meet was held at John Charles Aquatics Centre in Leeds on Saturday 14th November and a large contingent from East Leeds Swimming Club represented the defending national champions - Yorkshire.

"It was with trepidation that David Alexander and I arrived at John Charles. The Yorkshire team sadly depleted from the previous year, missing some of our great swimmers such as Alistair Crawford, David Holmes, Karen Graham and Oche Igoche. However, Sally Shields managed to represent her County carrying a rare (for Sally) injury, showing true Yorkshire grit and determination in the face of adversity.

This year, the event missed the presence of both the Cumbria and Lancashire teams, which, of course, makes our job easier from a competition point of view but does reduce the tension and excitement of the event. We sincerely hope that next year more swimmers can be encouraged to join in the competition.

With our poolside team supported by my custom designed clipboard (version 2015) and including Jeremy Greaves and Jill Massey, we watched nervously as our Yorkshire swimmers went to work. We needn’t have worried. As always, the team excelled and soon were racking up the points. Strong performances by Mr and Mrs Brown, Hilary Crick and Chris Brown started us well and the rest of the team continued their winning ways.

Due to some of the team having to pull out of the event, some in the Yorkshire team had more than the usual number of events to complete but, as usual, all got on with the task in hand and excelled without too much complaint!

We had one team disqualification, which did not affect the result this year but may have - watch those starts/changeovers guys!

A special mention to David Emerson (East Leeds) who broke his own British record for the 50m Butterfly. Well done Dave!

So the result…. we won, again and Yorkshire remains on top! Fantastic achievement! A big WELL DONE to all; it just goes to show the depth of the talent of Yorkshire’s swimmers. Thanks to Phil and Sally for collecting the trophy, I’m sure the lucky person who took it home will have found a prominent place in their home for its display!

So, to next year. Once again there are people from other counties questioning the format and timing of the event… but we (the management) believe that the event is popular with most swimmers and it should be left alone. The only change we would support is amalgamating more counties together for example including Derbyshire in our region.

Hope to see you all again next year. Full results can be found on our results page.


The following East Leeds masters swimmers were part of the Yorkshire team: James Barwick, Elizabeth Bentley, Paul Clemence, Hilary Crick, Kristy Davis, Lisa Dobson, David Emerson, Sally Evers, Stephen Heselton, David Hogg, Julie Hoyle, Peter Jackson, Richard Jagger, Chris Knee, Phil Pratt, Philippa Rickard, James Warren, Nina Williams.

Posted by: Stuart Hoyle

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